What is the Cost of a Soccer Dome?

Air-supported structures, like soccer domes, cover a playing field so athletes can continue to play throughout the cold, wet winter. Building a dome is more cost-efficient than constructing a brick-and-mortar stadium – but what is the cost of a soccer dome?

The truth is, domes don’t come with a standard price tag. The cost to build an air-supported soccer dome depends on a range of factors that varies case-by-case.

These are some of the factors that go into pricing an air dome.

  • Size of the Dome
    The size of the dome’s footprint in square footage has a direct correlation to its cost. Soccer domes come as large as 120,000 sq. ft. or as small as 10,000 to 12,000 sq. ft. Soccer domes are generally on the larger side.
  • Height of the Dome
    The dome’s height has an impact on its cost, as height affects the size of the fabric membrane and the concrete base that will be constructed to support the dome.
  • Fabric Membrane
    The actual ‘bubble’ that comprises the soccer dome’s structure is made of precisely-engineered architectural fabric. The cost of this component varies based on the size of the dome.
  • Lighting Inside the Dome
    The larger the dome, the greater the cost of installing indoor lighting. Soccer domes can be made to include a sunroof-style ceiling to allow natural light into the dome.
  • Air Inflation Equipment
    Air-supported structures use inflation equipment to maintain air pressure inside the dome, and specially-built doors and airlocks to keep air pressure from changing when people enter and exit. This equipment will vary in cost based on the number of entry and exit points (including vehicle doors) in the dome. Depending on the climate, the dome may also require heating and/or cooling equipment to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.
  • Dome Installation
    No two dome projects have the exact same installation process. Typically, it begins with excavation of the building site and construction of the concrete grade beam; once complete, the fabric membrane is anchored, and inflated on this foundation. The next steps will vary depending on the dome’s specifications. Will it house real or artificial turf? Will it include one playing field, or multiple? Will there be changerooms or washrooms attached?

To come to a true understanding of the estimated cost, it’s also important to consider factors outside the dome itself. Builders will have to obtain the necessary permits, made accommodations for municipal stormwater and sewer requirements, and have utilities connected to the site.