Depression can be treated a number of ways. When most people hear that someone is in a doctor’s care, they usually assume that the person has been prescribed an anti-depressant.  While these are still widely used, and can be quite effective, some clients prefer to either supplement drugs or replace them altogether with exercise.

No two people are the same, so there is no one right answer. However, the benefits of exercise cannot be dismissed and they go beyond just your physical well-being.

From a mental standpoint, exercise has scientifically proven benefits and while it can be tough to get anything accomplished while depressed, you don’t have to run a marathon to feel better.



People often isolate themselves when depressed and that can just perpetuate their low mood. While you can certainly exercise by yourself at home, it has extra benefits if you step out your front door. Need motivation? Arrange to exercise with a friend. Going to the gym means getting out and being around other people with similar goals. Either way, you are engaging in socialization and that will help to stimulate your brain and make you feel part of the world.


The most basic exercise around and yet many of us do not do it with regularity. Again, if you have trouble getting motivated, make plans to walk with a friend. Owning a dog is a great way to get 2-3 walks in per day. You will also benefit from encountering other people.


Motivation decreases when we are sad, but exercise can also help you to get things done. Cutting the grass or working on your garden provides both physical movement and something you can check off your “to do” list. Weather not so great today? Do some work around your home. Moving around will help you feel better and a cleaner home will make you happier.